Year of Projects List

I didn't take part in last year's YoP but I'm back for 2014-15! We're expecting our second little girl in September so here's the rundown of what I hope to accomplish over the next year (starting July 1, 2014) as I adjust to stay at home life with two girls :)

1. Continue knitting at least ONE pair of socks per month

2. Make at least FIVE things off my current Ravelry queue (items 1-120) and try not to add to my queue more!

3. Make at least FIVE things from one of the many knitting/crocheting books I own that I haven't had a chance to go through yet.

4. Finish at least TWO of my current larger wips.

5. Make both girls Christmas stockings this year (and hopefully finish ones for my husband and I as well)


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