Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WiP Wednesday 1/30/13

Started two of my projects from last week that I had in the works. First up, I started a pair of v-stitch fingerless mitts in my Tiny Dino worsted. Had planned to do the Spring Semester cowl but after looking into it more, I changed my mind. This is one of my favorite quick crocheted fingerless mitt patterns to do! it's a long rainy day here so they may very well be done in time for Friday's post! The picture below is what I whipped up quickly last night before bed. All the way to the thumb hole :)

Next up...I started Petunia the Patio Monster last night. Fingers crossed that I don't have to start over on smaller needles but I need to get a few more rows in to see or not. I'm using some Patons Grace that I had in stash. (If all goes well, 2013 will be ALL stash and no new).

I already have a few things lined up to share on FO Friday so don't forget to come back and check them out!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Applesauce bites

Last week for my Pinterest project I decided to try Applesauce Bites. Instead of just applesauce, we used some Plum Mashups in berry instead. I figured, hey, the little one is yet again getting more teeth so these should be perfect! Not so much in our house.

The bites themselves turned out fine but my toddler really would've just been more interested in a chilled food pouch or her usual slushie instead of these. I think they were almost TOO cold on her gums so needless to say we probably won't be making them again. Don't think that your little one won't like them though since every kid is different so it's still worth a try!

Looks like we'll stick with our original plan...using the homemade baby food trays to freeze puree then using our Ninja blender (pulse 3 times) to make a mini slushie.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday 1/23/13

Time to show off what's in the works although I will say I really only have a few small things to show. I'm getting ready to START some projects so you'll get a few yarn pictures, etc. The one project I'd love to show you that's the farthest along I can't because it's a secret test!! It's so so adorable and I can't wait until I can share it with you months down the road :)

And then there's one I'm making for a super secret swap in the Fresh Stitches group so you can't see that one either! So much suspense, I know!

Here's what's in the works that I CAN tell you about...(and apparently they're all green, don't ask...I have no idea how that happened)

Acorn Doll Blanket

My daughter is 17.5 months and at the age where pretend play as just exploded for her. She adores "feeding" her dolls and putting them to sleep, using her play kitchen and exercising her imagination everyday. She doesn't have any blankets specifically for her dolls, she keeps taking the kitty's blankets so that's where this project comes into play.

Kitchen Cushions

I made the jump into the addiction known as hexipuffs. I'm using worsted weight for mine to eventually use them as a set of kitchen chair cushions. I've only done one shade of green but I do have others on hand at the ready!

Cat Fish Toys

This is one of my charity projects for the year. I'm hoping to donate to the rescue organization where we adopted our adorable kittens Mac and Cheese. We adopted them when they were 3 months old and now they're nearly 5!! They're the "original kids" in this house so an active toddler is a huge adjustment for them. One of the reasons I chose cat TOYS as opposed to other things is because we received a crocheted cat toy when we adopted Mac and Cheese and to this day, I still have it. It's sort of a sentimental "baby toy" that reminds of the day we brought them home :)

Onwards to the "here's what's coming up" part of things:

Temperature Scarf
I've stared at this for awhile and watched it gained popularity. Yesterday I saw that Bernat is doing a KAL/CAL for it so I figured, "Hey, why not" and have decided to join in. Obviously I'm nearly a month behind so I need to record January's temperatures and get going! Here's the yarn I'm using:

It was originally put aside for a Kumasi throw but being that I'm on a yarn diet this year (no purchases allowed), I'd hate to start the throw and get stuck having to leave it as an UFO because I run out of yarn. That and we have more than enough blankets around here. Plus, I haven't made a scarf in a long while!

EDITING because I started this when I took a break from writing this post! Here's the first 10 days of January...almost caught up!

Spring Semester Cowl
I love Tiny Dino yarns and I'm planning to whip up this cowl to use THIS season now that the frigid temperatures of winter have FINALLY kicked in!

Petunia the Patio Monster
I'm taking part in a little challenge to make all the monsters in Rebecca Danger's Big Book of Knitted Monsters so I've decided it's Petunia's turn to come to life!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expanding on my blogging/crafting

So if you don't know me well, you may not know that I do LOTS of crafts besides just crocheting. I like to try just a little of it all!

I've had sort of a mental tug of war with what to do with my blog because I love blogging but it just got so repetitive to me ONLY doing WIP Wednesday and FO Friday (both of which I still love).

I started doing Year of Projects again this year and then I fell off the wagon for this reason: I expanded my knitting skills and most of my list was crochet so I need to evaluate a few things in continuing my blog.

1. Re-do my Year of Projects list to reflect my current crafting since knitting holds just as much as crocheting for me now!

2. Include many more of the Pinterest projects that I try each week!

3. Keep a record of all the cool things I do with my toddler. I do something with her EVERYDAY whether it's going to a play date or just an activity with the two of us while Daddy is at work.

Basically I've decided to EXPAND my blog to not just be my crocheting and knitting but how creativity plays a part in my life overall  so I'm excited to get this real kick in the butt to have a variety to blog about.

I'm hoping to get myself on a much better schedule to blog! My daughter, being a toddler, takes up the majority of my time (which I LOVE) so shifting around various things eighty different times has been new to me. Here's what I'm aiming for:

Sundays: Weekly Pinterest Project Roundup
Mondays: Other craft update (monthly Pinterest projects, million rows updates, holiday projects throughou the year, etc.
Wednesdays: WIP Wednesday
Thursdays: Toddler Fun Roundup
Fridays: FO Friday

That should get me blogging several times a week I hope! On that note, how has your blog changed and evolved since you started? Do you hope to incorporate other things one day?

Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting back to Pinterest projects

It's well overdue for me to get back to blogging about my attempts at various projects I come across on Pinterest.

This week I decided to try these clothes pin magnets. My fridge was in need of new magnets and it'd be perfect to have clip magnets to hold Taylor's artwork she's creating these days. The random business card magnets just aren't cutting it anymore.

I did end up with a pretty good batch, 18 total magnets, 4 of which are currently being used. I have these cute little "mat stacks" from my scrapbooking days and they were PERFECT for this!

I already have a few projects picked out this week that I'm itching to try!