Tuesday, September 11, 2012

YoP Round 2 Update: 9/11/12

So I decided to join in the 1 Million Rows Challenge (thanks to whoever blogged about it recently, speak up if you did because I'm drawing a blank!).

The way I see it, I'm using stash yarn for my Year of Projects list and that's one of the premises in the challenge so why not kill two birds with one stone! I'm also curious as to how long it will actually take me to do 1 million. This is my counter:

Don't worry, it won't say ZERO for long, I just created it 5 minutes ago!

I figure we leave for vacation soon and that'll be 14 hours in the car up and then another 14 when we come back plus a side trip day that will be 4 hours so with 30+hours in the car I'm curious as to what I can get done!

I did decide to add to my list since my amigurumi portion of my list is going to be complete very, very shortly!

I added a home category:

I bought some Dishie from KnitPicks and had every intention of making washcloths to keep in the kitchen for my toddler daughter to use. That was a couple months ago so they're being added to the list for motivation!

Also going to work up some new placemats, throw pillows and a few motifs that I'd like to work up, block, stiffen and just frame individually for wall art :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures, it's been a crazy week! I did get started on the two cowls off my list that will be traveling with me!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WiP Wednesday 9/5/12

Trying to get back into WiP Wednesday. I'm so bad about taking pictures of things while they're in progress!

Working on the I Predict A Riot hat by Kydel. It's part of a CAL that just start. We're doing either the hat I'm working on or her Uncoil pattern. Come join us!

Looking at the picture, I'm realizing that I think I missed a knit row in between the yarn over rows so I guess I'll be frogging back two or three rows to fix that.

Oh well, it's my first knit hat so it's a work in progress in itself :-P

Decided to break out my Oaklet shawl again since it ended up hibernating all summer. I decided I didn't want to start another shawl before I finished this one (trying to be good about it). No progress picture on it yet, we'll see how far I get before we leave on vacation next week.

Next week will be cast-on mania for me because I'm taking at least 7 projects (mostly small) with me.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: 9/4/12 Update

So now I have the opposite that I had last year with my Year of Project list. It's a little shorter and much more manageable but I'm sort of flying through a lot of things on it and am not ending up with as much to blog about as I'd like!

I'm contemplating adding some things into it since my amigurumi category is going to be beyond finish by Christmas and it's not going to take me another 6 months to do other small projects!

I also took the last couple weeks to start a few new things for our upcoming vacation to Maine. We have 14 hours of driving time so that'll be a lot of time to complete things (in between entertaining the little one).

I did decide to take two of my Lisa Gentry cowls with me to start/work on...

I'll be doing the shell with a twist crochet cowl and use my mohair/merino mix in Eucalyptus from Tess Designer Yarns

Also casting on a lace with a twist knit cowl and using soft green Caron Simply Soft.

I did finish up these little guys this week! 3 more amigurumi to add to the list!

Gary the tiny frog (from Rainbow Amigurumi E-book)

Alastair the Caterpillar (from Cutie Crawlies E-Book)

Tipper the Crab (from Rainbow Amigurumi E-book)
These little guys took no time at all and are all out of e-books from FreshStitches.com