Friday, August 31, 2012

FO Friday: 8/31

Figured I haven't posted some FO's that were non-Year of Projects related in awhile so here they are!

I've been on a bead crochet kick lately so we'll start off will a few bracelets first (and you can ignore the ugly shadow in the first picture lol)
Beaded Ripples bracelet designed by Lisa Gentry
Beaded Band Lace Bracelet by BethToddCreatz
This is such an easy, quick little square with nothing complicated about it but has a great look!
BLO 6" Square by Anastacia Knits Designs

Ignore my ugly join up top, I need to make a few more of these in cotton. All I had readily available was worsted weight which still looks nice but the cotton would give it a nicer look (which is what the pattern calls for)
Linked Bullions Coaster designed by Donna Kay Lacey
Tumbling Diamonds 12" Square designed by Anastacia Knits Designs
Tumbling Diamonds 6" Square designed by Anastacia Knits Designs

Kitty Kat Kanoodler Blankie designed by Lisa Gentry

The Amy Cowl designed by Kelly Menzies

Sunday, August 12, 2012

YoP Round 2: 8/12/12 Update

So now that the Ravellenics are coming to a close (Yes, that's why I was quiet last week), I've got some FO's relating to my YoP page to show off! My Paintbox Frog was put on hold over the games so I'll be back to him shortly but until then, enjoy these!

My Ruffles & Buttons Cowl, designed by Lisa Gentry

M. Richard the Whale, designed by Stacey Trock, available free here

Frankie the Lobster, designed by Stacey Trock
This pattern was available FREE in the amigurumi calendar on from Aug 1-7. I was waiting and waiting and waiting for what seemed like forever and snatched it up as soon as it was available! You can still grab the remaining patterns during the first week of each month but you can also buy the calendar if you missed the previous ones.

Finally, my most prized amigurumi so far on my list:

Petey the Pufferfish, designed by ME!! That's right, I cracked and started dipping into designing :)
He's too cute to leave my house though so this one won't be sold or gifted. Kind of like people who frame their first dollar they make when they start a business? He's the first of his kind in my designer world!