Sunday, July 29, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: 7/29/12 update

Yes, yes, I know...I failed when it came to posting last week. We were out of state at a wedding and when I came back I was so focused on getting my Ravellenic Games materials/patterns together, it completely slipped my mind!

Still working on my Paintbox Frog but it likely won't be finished until after the Games.

I did decide to incorporate a book into my list this year so I could explore more into the knitting world than I have in the past being that I'm primarily a crocheter.

Working my way through "The Knitter's Life List" one chapter at a time.

I absolutely love some of the quotes thrown in,

"It might seem that one would need more than one lifetime to explore all the many intriguing patterns, luscious yarns, and various stitch combinations, to say nothing of going to all the yarn festivals and inviting yarn stores and knitting retreats that are so tempting. But won't it be an adventure to try!"

In the first chapter, they discuss the "Top Picks" in techniques to learn, garments to make, specific patterns, yarns to use and other fiber loves. I will say some of the "top" choices surprised me when compared to what I personally would rather learn. Somehow cables are at the top of the techniques where as fixing mistakes is at the bottom? Weird.

The "Yarn Life List" is next up for me to read. I think that chapter needs a "touch and feel" section included ;)

So yes, not a lot of project progress this week but next week I should have a few FO's to share (I think) because I worked some of my YoP list into my goals for the Games :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my Kool-Aid dyed yarn that I worked on yesterday. First time I've ever done it and have to say a) I'm hooked and b) I'm proud of my first attempt!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: Week 3 Update!

So this week for my YoP update I have another FO and a WiP! :)

I finished up my first dragon from the Choose Your Own Dragon Adventure. There is still a debate in my house as to what kind, if any, horns he may or may not be getting at some point but here he is!

Showing off her wings, ears and arrow tail
I'm just now realizing that both of those pictures have a convenient baby sized finger print on the lens in the same spot...argh! Will have to give the lens a good cleaning!

As for my WiP this week, I started the Paintbox Frog from Classic Elite's Quick Knits book. The frog is originally done in seed stitch but a) I have a bad attention span with turning seed stitch into accidental ribbing (especially with increases and decreases involved) and b) I'm not really all that much of a fan of seed stitch's look so I just went with regular stockinette stitch on it.

Obviously nothing has been blocked so hopefully you weren't looking for a "pretty" picture on this one!

So yes my friends, if you can believe it, that pile will become a cute, cuddly frog shortly. I promise!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: Week 2 Update!

1 item down, 29 to go! That's right! Started/finished one of the cowls on my list this week. It's the "Lace Scrunch" from Crochet Cowls by Lisa Gentry. Unfortunately these cowl books are so new I don't believe they've been added to Rav yet (I ordered straight from the designer) but I do at least have pictures of my finished product!

No I did not plan on wearing an orange shirt in the picture but it's amusing none the less. Want to know my favorite part about this cowl?

It is capable of extending down over my shoulders. I...LOVE....THIS. Once it's not 103 degrees out like it's been this weekend, this will get so so much use!

So yes, just a quick update with a FO this week. If you've seen my "worksheet" list here, you'll notice I've also filled in another project on it. I'm working on a dragon from Fresh Stitches' "Choose Your Own Dragon" Adventure.

It's also been recently announced in her group on Rav that there will be a CAL for the Dragon shortly after the Ravellenic Games so I foresee a second dragon being made BUT I don't think I'll count that as my YoP amigurumi/month, it may just be a bonus.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Year of Projects - Round 2!

Today marks the beginning of the second round of Year of Projects and this year (like most) I've been smarter about my list and maybe not quite as ambitious as last year.

Last year when it was time to compile a list, I was going on 9 months pregnant, just finished up at my job so I had a full month before baby to just craft and relax. Of course the amount of time I had on my hands made me feel like "Oh sure, I can get all of this done"...and several months later it turned into "What was I thinking?"

So without further ado, my 2012-13 Year of Projects list!

It's time for the 2012/13 YoP lists, so here's mine! I'm using this page as more of a "worksheet" this year. I have categories for things and the specific items will fill in as they are decided upon and finished if that makes sense.

At least ONE amigurumi per month

I ADORE making amigurumi and in particular I'm oh so fond of Stacey Trock ( I'm constantly making my daughter (and myself) animals and monsters from her patterns! Most of what goes in this category for year of projects will likely be things from her patterns but I do have a few others that I'd like to do as well.

Read one chapter of my Knitter's Life List book

Having been mostly a crocheter, I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to learning some things about knitting and I 'm really interested in this book. My husband got it for me for my birthday at the beginning of June and I never have time to sit down and actually read it and take it in. I decided to dedicate one of my Year of Projects goals to focusing on various chapters of it.

Make at least 6 accessories from the Classic Elite Quick Knits Book

This one sort of goes hand in hand with the previous goal. I bought this book as a way to try out some new skills when it comes to knitting so 6 accessories is more than enough for me to aim for here. I haven't quite picked out specifics but I'll get there!

Make at least one crochet/knit cowl from Lisa Gentry's new books (EDIT: This is going to be per month so 12 total)

Another one of the many designers I'm fond of :). Her new cowl books just came out and I can't get enough of them! I'm already on a cowl kick as it is! One is knit and the other book is crochet, each having 10 patterns in it! Check them out, oh so beautiful!


Just like last year, I made a tab at top of my blog entitled, "Year of Project" where I can easily go in and edit my progress. I've decided to go with the above category kind of theme this year instead of being so so specific in the patterns I want to do so my progress page is more like a worksheet. It has each category from above and a numbered list. That list will be filled in as the year progresses and as projects are finished. It seemed like the best fit for me this year organization wise.

I'm so happy to be back in the saddle for Year of Projects and feeling much more confident about it this year!