Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WiP Wednesday #12

So I've at least made some progress this week! Happy Leap Day as well!

On my mitered baby squares blanket here's where it stands
It's actually a small bit further because the first two rows are joined so it's halfway joined!

My Hex bag should be done by Friday (yes that's one of my little helpers in the far right...he sees this opportunity as any other cat does, "yay Mommy laid out another kitty blanket").

I'm also doing the Waverly for Bernat CAL and I keep falling slightly behind just because I have so much going on! This is the Week 2 clue. Week 3 actually comes out today but I still have 2 more of the below motifs to make! Shouldn't take long at all, they're 11x11 motifs.

Now for a few quick sneak peaks at Friday FO's and upcoming projects

FO to be revealed Friday

Another FO to be revealed Friday

Finally, here's an upcoming cast-on I hope to share next Wednesday. I'm going to use my skein of Bernat Sox for Wingspan

My craft time is starting to be limited during the day because of this next picture...
She got up there by herself...she's 7 months next Wednesday. OH MY are we in trouble sooner then we thought or what? Hehe

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pick A Pin #1

Time for my first Pick A Pin post!

My first one is off my "For the Home" board.

The project comes from V and Co. whose site has a lot of very, very cute tutorials (both free and for sale). Her book, Make It Sew Modern has officially caught my eye as well. It came out the beginning of this year, I'll have to look into it more because I'm highly intrigued!!

So my project for the week is somewhat based on her "Make Your Own Custom Art" tutorial that silhouettes a shape on a piece of canvas and then spray paints the background remainder of the canvas. Feel free to click the link for the tutorial so you can see exactly what I'm talking about via her beautiful pictures.

My take on the project will be still on canvas but using a cutout to block off my silhouette area and paint the remainder of the canvas in acrylic. I want to see how the brush strokes will pan out looks wise for a unique effect.

The husband and I have always enjoyed Maine so I'm doing a 3 canvas "set" of these silhouettes. It'll be a several week process as I have many projects going on and a little one on the move. My crocheting can be done during the day but paint will have to wait until the evening.

Can't wait to show off the first canvas on Friday!

Supplies are all ready to go! The only difference is the paint in the picture. I thought I would have enough for all 3 but shook the bottle and quickly realized that wasn't going to happen so I have 3 new colors for the set :)

**Don't forget to link up over at Knit2Together and share your Pinterest project for the week!**

Friday, February 24, 2012

Made it Hap-Pin #1

So I'm going to be joining in over at Knit2Together for Pick A Pin Mondays and Made it Hap-Pin Fridays!

Any ideas as to what those may be? Well, you're going to find out!

Many of us have become addicted to Pinterest and have been creating tons of boards, pinning all these things we "plan" to do at some point. Well now is the time!

Choose something off one of your boards and share the idea on Pick A Pin Monday. Maybe give little hints on how you'll give it your own twist, background as to why you like the project, whatever it may be!

Then on Friday's Made it Hap-Pin post, share the finished product! Voila, you've put your Pinterest addiction into action!

DON'T FORGET TO LINK UP ON KNIT2TOGETHER'S BLOG EVERY WEEK! She's graciously set up the wonderful Mr. Linky for us!

There should be a banner/badge available soon as's in the works!

I think for mine I'll probably have a good mix of crafty things, trying out some of those random recipes on there, party decorations, oh heck, we're keeping all doors open for this!

Obviously this week I don't quite have a finished product to share but I did spend my week planning out any supplies I need for upcoming projects and what those projects might be so I have a running list so it was more of a planning week for me!

Friday, February 17, 2012

FO Friday #12

I promised pictures this week for FO Friday and boy do I have them! We'll get straight to them, too!

Here's my Bellflower cowl I made with my yarn from Tess':
I've worn this at least every other day in the past week, I'm obsessed with it. I made another one in navy blue but the sun isn't quite up enough yet for a good picture so maybe next week.

The rainbow criss-cross cowl has also been completed:
I thought I would've hated the rainbow colored yarn but I actually quite like the effect it turned out with. Here's another of it next to the other criss-cross cowl I've done recently that's a little more neutral and subtle:
Also completed my February square for the Donna Kay Lacey Whimsical Wonderland BAM CAL. My first attempts at tapestry crochet and I'm fairly happy with it:
The group also did a mystery square this past week and I took part in that as well. Loving this square a ton. I did switch colors on the outside rounds but mostly because I wanted the blue pop in the middle instead of on all the surface crochet.
Hmm, what else. Little girl (who sounds like she's waking up so I must type faster) now has a toy basket for some board books for her playroom:
The pattern turned out to be a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Sometimes I really wish people would clearly put final dimensions somewhere on things. If I do this one again, it'll be about twice the size to be much more usable.

The Waverly for Bernat CAL/KAL started up two days ago and I've done a total of 1 out of the 12 squares for this week's first clue so....that's what I'll be doing this weekend apparently.
My lonely square

I guess the above square is more a work in progress thing but still, I was excited to show it and didn't finish it until AFTER Wednesday :)

Last one, Lisa Gentry's Hook and Needle Designs Rav group is having their monthly contest and I completed my entry. It's a cute little heart doily with some flair on the edge :)

Whew...ok my marathon of two weeks worth of FO's since I didn't get to post last week is now complete! Have to find time today to catch up on everyone else's blogs too! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WiP Wednesday #11

Whew! I haven't posted since last Wednesday? So behind!
Little one is on the move like anything and keeping me busy during the day. She's also trying tons of new purees and finger foods which means I'm on baby food making duty!

Onto crocheting!

Not too much picture progress this week (lots for FO Friday though)

Still working on my Mitered Squares Baby Blanket.
All the squares are complete, I'm just in the process of joining right now. The pattern was very vague in how to join and I decided I'd much prefer to do a braided join instead as it adds a small bit of size to the blanket as well yet still keeping it carseat size :)

I'm about done a second bellflower cowl as well. I know, I haven't seen the final of that first one yet. Like I said, coming on Friday! This one is a basic navy yet still pretty.

I forsee 2-3 new starts this week/weekend so next week's WiP will hold some brand spankin' new-ness!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WiP Wednesday #10

I've got plenty in progress for this week! I don't THINK the people who I'm making these baby blankets for read the blog but even if they do, I have so many pregnant friends right now that they wouldn't know it was for them or which one was for them so I'll share anyways :).

Here's the beginnings of my Popcorn Stitch Blanket. It's one of my favorite quick go-to blanket patterns when it comes to baby blankets. Both blankets are being made for friends who are among the group who wish to be surprised when it comes to finding out if they're having a boy or girl thus the neutrals in both.

I did try to switch up the neutrals in this one instead of just doing a straight yellow blanket, I chose to do two shades of yellow (both Caron One Pound) to give it a little variety and I have to say I'm loving it so far. It's a subtle difference but enough to give it character.

My other new favorite go-to baby blanket pattern is the Mitered Squares. The squares are all single crochet so they work up so so speedy! I did 12 out of the 20 yesterday so surely by the end of the week I'll have at least the squares completed and hopefully I will have started joining them!

I've also got my mystery square CAL going for the Donna Kay Lacey "A New Twist" Rav group. Here's a progress photo so far. Well, by so far I mean the first day's clue. This post will go up before I have a chance to add the second day's clue onto it.

Also on a sidenote:

I've been eyeing up the new Bernat Waverly for weeks now and telling myself "You do not need to join in the Bernat Waverly CAL/KAL" and guess what...I'm joining in on it when it starts next week.


The husband, little one and I went to Michael's over the weekend because they had a good price on a play tunnel that we were going to get. We're in the store and hubby actually asks, "You want to go look at yarn?" My reaction was, "Sure, I"ll go quickly look but I don't think I NEED anything"


I walked by the Bernat Waverly display and glanced as I have been doing for weeks except this time it was different. Tons of tiny red "CLEARANCE" stickers caught my eye! Could it be? YES! My Michaels store put Bernat Waverly on clearance! So for that price, how could I really pass up getting the yarn for the CAL and using the blanket as a Christmas present for someone who shall remain nameless!

Thinking I may sneak back over there this week and see about getting a few skeins for myself though :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One A Day Tuesday Tallies #5

So my ripple blanket is still growing however I need more yarn...argh. And I'm using Herrschners brand so I'm giving it a few weeks to see if they come out with a free shipping promotion but until then I have a new One A Day! Using up some Simply Soft to make a Hexagon Bag for myself :).

The amount of projects I've made using the below colors (as much as I love them) I'm glad this will use up the last bit of each! The purple and aqua have been part of two amigurumi monkeys for baby gifts. The aqua and dark teal were a cowl. The pink was a cardigan.

So more or less these skeins of yarn have had their lifetime dragged out in many projects. It's the end of the line for this stash!

I completed 7 this week and hopefully another 7-10 next week. They whip up so quick, I love them. They're so cute!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WiP Wednesday #9

This week apparently I'm on a cowl, blanket and block working up week! Since it's Feb. 1 all the new blocks came out for the CALs I'm in sooo... I have 4-5 blocks to work up for the month, I'm excited!

As for stuff already in progress, most of the blankets I share here in other posts so I won't repeat them but nobody as seen the cowls yet!

First up (above) is my Belleflower Infinity scar using my merino superwash from Tess' Designer Yarns in Portland, Me. As you can tell from the picture it's a new start but man do I love this yarn, it's sooo so soft! This project is for me and only me, I've already claimed it!

Next up is my criss-cross cowl off the Caron yarns website. I have one done that I'll likely share on Friday but I had to share this one as I love how the rainbow yarn is carrying itself up the criss-croww pattern on the outside! This is being done with Loops & Threads Impeccable.

As soon as the little one wakes up and we get some breakfast, it's off to Michaels to buy some more Impeccable for a baby blanket that needs to be done. Turns out I remembered I needed to make one expecting friend but realized I had another expecting from who is due sooner so I need to get going on these! I have so many friends expecting little ones is exciting but makes things busy :-P (although worth it).

]These two friends aren't finding out the gender of their little one and are sticking to the neutral colors so one blanket will be all yellow with a sunshine applique on it using this pattern as a base: Baby Popcorn Afghan.

The other will be brown, tan, white, yellow, green and made using this pattern: Mitered Squares Baby Throw.