Sunday, July 29, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: 7/29/12 update

Yes, yes, I know...I failed when it came to posting last week. We were out of state at a wedding and when I came back I was so focused on getting my Ravellenic Games materials/patterns together, it completely slipped my mind!

Still working on my Paintbox Frog but it likely won't be finished until after the Games.

I did decide to incorporate a book into my list this year so I could explore more into the knitting world than I have in the past being that I'm primarily a crocheter.

Working my way through "The Knitter's Life List" one chapter at a time.

I absolutely love some of the quotes thrown in,

"It might seem that one would need more than one lifetime to explore all the many intriguing patterns, luscious yarns, and various stitch combinations, to say nothing of going to all the yarn festivals and inviting yarn stores and knitting retreats that are so tempting. But won't it be an adventure to try!"

In the first chapter, they discuss the "Top Picks" in techniques to learn, garments to make, specific patterns, yarns to use and other fiber loves. I will say some of the "top" choices surprised me when compared to what I personally would rather learn. Somehow cables are at the top of the techniques where as fixing mistakes is at the bottom? Weird.

The "Yarn Life List" is next up for me to read. I think that chapter needs a "touch and feel" section included ;)

So yes, not a lot of project progress this week but next week I should have a few FO's to share (I think) because I worked some of my YoP list into my goals for the Games :)

I'll leave you with a picture of my Kool-Aid dyed yarn that I worked on yesterday. First time I've ever done it and have to say a) I'm hooked and b) I'm proud of my first attempt!

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  1. adding a book is a great idea! i am debating about going through a book or two of mine as well. :o)