Sunday, December 30, 2012

Oh blog how I've missed you! 2012 Roundup

My last post was September 11th of this year? What the heck happened...blogging fail on my part! I went on vacation the day after that, then a bunch of fall activities/Halloween happened and the usual craziness of winter holidays happened, yikes!

I figured that out of my own curiosity, it was time to go through this year's projects and see what I've accomplished!

Looks like I completed 125 projects (and a good amount of afghan squares that aren't counted in that final tally)

Afghans: 8
Bags/Containers: 7
Bracelets: 6
Cowls: 12
Hats: 20
Tops/Sweaters/Dresses/Etc: 8
Fingerless Mitts: 3
Scarves: 10
Toys: 33
Dishcloths: 7
Legwarmers: 2
Other: 7

My blogging goal for 2013? (Besides actually BLOG) is to make an effort at doing the end of the month project collages so I can compile a nice big picture at the end of the year!!


  1. I thought I was doing well with 32 FOs for the year....

    1. I had no idea I had done that many BUT they were all pretty small/quick projects for the most part. I took a break from too many larger ones.