Friday, March 23, 2012

Made It Happen 3/23/12

I didn't get a chance to post my Pick A Pin on Monday due to a certain little one's teething which has made for quite the week but hey, it happens and we get through it :). Onwards to the crafting!

This pin was my original inspiration for the piece this week.
Here's the original blog resource with the directions as well.

I went to the Dover Publications website as this is always been my favorite for coloring books, coloring pages, etc. I scrolled through some of the sample pages they have and came across a nature design that I liked.

The original creator is this project did a much simpler design and took her puff paint to freezer paper before taking the dried designs and attaching them to the canvas. I knew that certainly wasn't going to work for me with this design so I transferred the design straight to the canvas and put the puff paint right on.

This is the final product with some extra shadows thanks to photo editing so you can see the full extent of the design. It's really much more subtle.

I tried to take this picture to better show the lightness but likes things to show up so there's a bit of extra shadow here as well :)

You'll also notice in the pictures that my paint glitters. That's right, when I was in the craft store, I was in a hurry and grabbed what I thought was pearlized white but once it dried and I looked at the bottle...well...looks like someone put it back in the wrong spot. Total pet peeve of mine in retail stores...ugh!

So because it turned out clear glitter you can somewhat see my pencil sketching underneath so my husband and I are debating taking some spray paint to it so the design will still pop from the canvas but will tone down its disco ball-ness.

And yes, I went to hang up my Maine canvases from the other week and turns out I was in a bit of a hurry and the glue wasn't dry all the way on one of the hooks so I need to replace that and then get the final picture! ;)


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