Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WiP Wednesday 9/5/12

Trying to get back into WiP Wednesday. I'm so bad about taking pictures of things while they're in progress!

Working on the I Predict A Riot hat by Kydel. It's part of a CAL that just start. We're doing either the hat I'm working on or her Uncoil pattern. Come join us!

Looking at the picture, I'm realizing that I think I missed a knit row in between the yarn over rows so I guess I'll be frogging back two or three rows to fix that.

Oh well, it's my first knit hat so it's a work in progress in itself :-P

Decided to break out my Oaklet shawl again since it ended up hibernating all summer. I decided I didn't want to start another shawl before I finished this one (trying to be good about it). No progress picture on it yet, we'll see how far I get before we leave on vacation next week.

Next week will be cast-on mania for me because I'm taking at least 7 projects (mostly small) with me.


  1. oh i have some riot in my stash i don't know what to do with! I may just join in!!