Tuesday, September 4, 2012

YoP Rnd 2: 9/4/12 Update

So now I have the opposite that I had last year with my Year of Project list. It's a little shorter and much more manageable but I'm sort of flying through a lot of things on it and am not ending up with as much to blog about as I'd like!

I'm contemplating adding some things into it since my amigurumi category is going to be beyond finish by Christmas and it's not going to take me another 6 months to do other small projects!

I also took the last couple weeks to start a few new things for our upcoming vacation to Maine. We have 14 hours of driving time so that'll be a lot of time to complete things (in between entertaining the little one).

I did decide to take two of my Lisa Gentry cowls with me to start/work on...

I'll be doing the shell with a twist crochet cowl and use my mohair/merino mix in Eucalyptus from Tess Designer Yarns

Also casting on a lace with a twist knit cowl and using soft green Caron Simply Soft.

I did finish up these little guys this week! 3 more amigurumi to add to the list!

Gary the tiny frog (from Rainbow Amigurumi E-book)

Alastair the Caterpillar (from Cutie Crawlies E-Book)

Tipper the Crab (from Rainbow Amigurumi E-book)
These little guys took no time at all and are all out of e-books from FreshStitches.com


  1. All your little ami's are adorable :)

    I am having a similar issue with the list although in reverse. While I didn't get everything done - I did find I added way more items than what I originally had on the list. This year, I'm adding less - I just put on 3 afghans for some insane reason and am not sure I'll get through the list this year either LOL

  2. I just LOVE your ami's! They're sooo cute!

  3. YAY for road trip knitting! I'm staring down 28 hours total truck time... 10 balls of yarn seems like it might not be enough... Good luck with your cowls!

  4. i love those animals! i need to try one after seeing them!!

  5. Oh, for me the opposite of the list problem is happening. I will not, in all reality get everything done that I would like--but that is okay, as I will roll it all over to next year....(hoping there will be a year 3)....Your little creatures are adorable, by the way! Hope your trip is great...