Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pinterest Catch-Up 2/2/13

Tried out some homemade fruit snacks this week courtesy of this pin. I followed the directions as written (using water and gelatin) and I have to say they're mighty tasty!

See those trays I used? Aren't they great?! I found them in the $1 section of Target a little more than a week ago. These were the only two shapes that they had but I may check the other Target near us to see if they have other ones.

I'm sure you're itching to see the finished product...right?

Voila! My strawberry flavored (yet raspberry and apple shaped) fruit snacks. The little one was quite cautious of them because she's never had fruit snacks before but I'm sure they'll grow on her. I do think the next time I might give it a try to use some V8 fusion juice in place of water to make it at least a LITTLE healthier because let's face it, it's sugar water in a solid form really :-P.

I would make them again though overall


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