Monday, January 28, 2013

Applesauce bites

Last week for my Pinterest project I decided to try Applesauce Bites. Instead of just applesauce, we used some Plum Mashups in berry instead. I figured, hey, the little one is yet again getting more teeth so these should be perfect! Not so much in our house.

The bites themselves turned out fine but my toddler really would've just been more interested in a chilled food pouch or her usual slushie instead of these. I think they were almost TOO cold on her gums so needless to say we probably won't be making them again. Don't think that your little one won't like them though since every kid is different so it's still worth a try!

Looks like we'll stick with our original plan...using the homemade baby food trays to freeze puree then using our Ninja blender (pulse 3 times) to make a mini slushie.


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