Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Expanding on my blogging/crafting

So if you don't know me well, you may not know that I do LOTS of crafts besides just crocheting. I like to try just a little of it all!

I've had sort of a mental tug of war with what to do with my blog because I love blogging but it just got so repetitive to me ONLY doing WIP Wednesday and FO Friday (both of which I still love).

I started doing Year of Projects again this year and then I fell off the wagon for this reason: I expanded my knitting skills and most of my list was crochet so I need to evaluate a few things in continuing my blog.

1. Re-do my Year of Projects list to reflect my current crafting since knitting holds just as much as crocheting for me now!

2. Include many more of the Pinterest projects that I try each week!

3. Keep a record of all the cool things I do with my toddler. I do something with her EVERYDAY whether it's going to a play date or just an activity with the two of us while Daddy is at work.

Basically I've decided to EXPAND my blog to not just be my crocheting and knitting but how creativity plays a part in my life overall  so I'm excited to get this real kick in the butt to have a variety to blog about.

I'm hoping to get myself on a much better schedule to blog! My daughter, being a toddler, takes up the majority of my time (which I LOVE) so shifting around various things eighty different times has been new to me. Here's what I'm aiming for:

Sundays: Weekly Pinterest Project Roundup
Mondays: Other craft update (monthly Pinterest projects, million rows updates, holiday projects throughou the year, etc.
Wednesdays: WIP Wednesday
Thursdays: Toddler Fun Roundup
Fridays: FO Friday

That should get me blogging several times a week I hope! On that note, how has your blog changed and evolved since you started? Do you hope to incorporate other things one day?


  1. Welcome to my world...except that I throw "life" in otherwise :)

  2. I think anyone who blogs on a specific topic always leaves room for those "off topic" things - I for one wouldn't mind reading other topics. I try to keep my crochet related but any crafting is good for my blog and even then, I sometimes deviate to something entirely off topic :)

    Just remember: its your blog - you can do whatever you like to make you happy :)