Friday, February 17, 2012

FO Friday #12

I promised pictures this week for FO Friday and boy do I have them! We'll get straight to them, too!

Here's my Bellflower cowl I made with my yarn from Tess':
I've worn this at least every other day in the past week, I'm obsessed with it. I made another one in navy blue but the sun isn't quite up enough yet for a good picture so maybe next week.

The rainbow criss-cross cowl has also been completed:
I thought I would've hated the rainbow colored yarn but I actually quite like the effect it turned out with. Here's another of it next to the other criss-cross cowl I've done recently that's a little more neutral and subtle:
Also completed my February square for the Donna Kay Lacey Whimsical Wonderland BAM CAL. My first attempts at tapestry crochet and I'm fairly happy with it:
The group also did a mystery square this past week and I took part in that as well. Loving this square a ton. I did switch colors on the outside rounds but mostly because I wanted the blue pop in the middle instead of on all the surface crochet.
Hmm, what else. Little girl (who sounds like she's waking up so I must type faster) now has a toy basket for some board books for her playroom:
The pattern turned out to be a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Sometimes I really wish people would clearly put final dimensions somewhere on things. If I do this one again, it'll be about twice the size to be much more usable.

The Waverly for Bernat CAL/KAL started up two days ago and I've done a total of 1 out of the 12 squares for this week's first clue so....that's what I'll be doing this weekend apparently.
My lonely square

I guess the above square is more a work in progress thing but still, I was excited to show it and didn't finish it until AFTER Wednesday :)

Last one, Lisa Gentry's Hook and Needle Designs Rav group is having their monthly contest and I completed my entry. It's a cute little heart doily with some flair on the edge :)

Whew...ok my marathon of two weeks worth of FO's since I didn't get to post last week is now complete! Have to find time today to catch up on everyone else's blogs too! Happy Friday!


  1. Nice FO's.
    That book basket IS cute, though I would want a bigger size as well.

  2. Wow, loads of FOs! The cowls look gorgeous, the first one looks especially snuggly :) Love the book basket!

  3. Holy cow you have been busy!! The rainbow criss coss cowl is quite stunning as are the rest of your projects. You did a great job with your first tapestry crochet project - tapestry crochet is on my list of things to learn :o)

  4. I love those cowls you made!
    also, I agree with your feelings on finished dimensions- I would definitely make that basket bigger!

  5. Wow, everything is beautiful! But I especially like the first cowl.