Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WiP Wednesday #11

Whew! I haven't posted since last Wednesday? So behind!
Little one is on the move like anything and keeping me busy during the day. She's also trying tons of new purees and finger foods which means I'm on baby food making duty!

Onto crocheting!

Not too much picture progress this week (lots for FO Friday though)

Still working on my Mitered Squares Baby Blanket.
All the squares are complete, I'm just in the process of joining right now. The pattern was very vague in how to join and I decided I'd much prefer to do a braided join instead as it adds a small bit of size to the blanket as well yet still keeping it carseat size :)

I'm about done a second bellflower cowl as well. I know, I haven't seen the final of that first one yet. Like I said, coming on Friday! This one is a basic navy yet still pretty.

I forsee 2-3 new starts this week/weekend so next week's WiP will hold some brand spankin' new-ness!


  1. Oh, you've reached the fun part of baby feeding...and making baby food is a lot easier than people make it out to be.

    Little Man is working on "real" from our plates. It's not going horribly but we have to watch what we give him (he doesn't do well with bits of chicken yet). Oh well.

  2. i really enjoy making homemade baby food, it so much better for baby, and cheaper!! we are in the finger food stage too, just getting started! i think i am going to start meats too...oh gosh they grow fast!