Friday, April 27, 2012

FO Friday 4/27/12

The bad news is that I've been way way behind in participating in FO Fridays. The good news is that I have a few to share! (And a few stashed for future weeks just in case haha)

To start, I made a Shimmer Lace Scarf

Probably a new favorite pattern of mine as it's super quick, could easily be made in a variety of yarns to suit various seasons and it's easy! To match, I made up some v-stitch mitts:

Once again, new favorite pattern and very cute to wear!

Also did a few squares for the month of April! If this isn't bright colors, I don't know what is!

This one I just LOVE. It was a mystery square in a Ravelry group I'm in and the pattern is currently no longer available but I adore it so much!

Think that's about it for this week. Just a few small things to share! :)


  1. That first April square? I'm in love. Great pattern, great colours, great of all possible worlds.

  2. Thanks! It's definitely my favorite one so far! I almost want to just frame it instead of including it in the blanket! I didn't get a chance to link up to the patterns but it's here if you're on Ravelry:

    It's free for the month of April because it's the square of the month in this group:

  3. wow great squares and i love your scarf and hand warmer.

  4. The squares are so pretty! So glad you're back to FOF!

  5. I LOVE the April square too! The colors are rich but soft. Thanks for adding the links in Ravelry.