Friday, April 27, 2012

Made it Hap-Pin 4/27/12

This week's Made it Hap-Pin post probably more features a blog that I had pinned as opposed to a specific recipe. I found Real Mom Kitchen as I was browsing Pinterest and she happened to be featuring mug cakes so of course I can't resist a lemon cake that can be made in a minute as well as a one minute brownie or nutella cake so I gave them a try!

I think the picture above (lemon cake) was the 2nd time we (my husband and I) made them. We've since had them nearly every day this week...yeah it's that good.

The brownie I would share with you but as you can see from the picture was THAT good. Didn't get around to trying the nutella cake since we were so hooked on these two but just judging from the desserts, I'd definitely recommend giving this blog a look, it's amazing! We're planning a few dinners from recipes off her site as well (and she has a book)! Enjoy!


  1. I have a bunch of those cake/brownie-in-a-mug pinned too. I haven't gotten around to trying them but I have tried other things I've pinned. The Jambalaya in a crock pot was kind of a bust...turned out more like Jambalaya Gumbo. It was good, just not "right."

    1. I'm horribly addicted to these mug cakes now! That's a shame about the Jumbalaya. I had a "failed chicken ranch lasagna" last week but we're still going to try it again in our house, just as a casserole instead.

  2. oooh how neat is that?! those look incredibly delic! there must be a way to have these in a low cal option...i am starting to count calories...eek. so glad you Made something Hap-Pin this week! I took it off for KCBW! looking forward to diving back in!