Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week Day 3

Although today's topic is listed as discussing our crochet and knitting heroes, I've decided to swap it out for my wildcard topic. Mainly doing this because I really don't have a "hero" in the craft. I don't have other family members that crochet or knit, I taught myself and although I frequently test for several designers and follow many others, I certainly couldn't pick just ONE of them.

On to wildcard-ness :) The wildcard topic this year is to "Craft Your Perfect Day"

I have to say that with life being so busy lately, my perfect crafting day would likely be heading out to nearby Shenandoah National Park, renting a cabin and crocheting the day away to put it simply (possibly some knitting too but crochet is my main craft).

More specifically heading out to Sky Meadows in Shenandoah, the highest point on Skyline Drive. When my husband and I got a cabin there several years ago, this was our back deck view:

That sunset every night was AMAZING. Now starting with the sunset I feel like I've started at the END of my perfect day so let's talk about the rest of it!

To be honest, I wouldn't mind dragging along some stitch dictionaries and other sundry books I own and making a few swatches of stitches and motifs I've never used before.

An hour or two of that fun would mean it'd be time for a snack! I'd have to bring along some one minute lemon mug cake (recipe here) because who doesn't like cake that can be made warm in one minute!

Another portion of my day would have to be making some amigurumi! There are way too many cute patterns and not enough time for me to take them all so a perfect crafting day would allow me to try a few extras in addition to ones I've already made like these!

Green Owl

Lil Pumpkin! (With a kitty sleeping in the top right)

Purple lavender scented elephant that was the star of yesterday's photo challenge post :)

A little amigurumi playing and then it'd be time to whip up a project for myself for the evening, likely a top or a cowl since those seem to be my current favorites.

So more or less my day is simple enough:

1) Find a cabin
2) Try random new stitches, motifs, etc.
3) Eat lemon cake
4) Amigurumi
5) Whip up an evening project be able to sit on my butt all day and crochet, I wish!! (Although I do enjoy my gym visits once a week).

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  1. Your day sounds wonderful! I may have to think about having a swatch day. What a great idea.