Friday, April 27, 2012

Knitting & Crochet Blog Week Day 5

Hello bloggers. That's me in the picture up there. That's right, a lonely ball of sock yarn just looking for the right home. Rolled into quite the sloppy ball but it wasn't always this way.

I used to be a squishy factory wound skein of yarn that sat in a bin at the local Michael's craft store until my lovely owner fell in love with my colors and took me home (after paying for me of course!)

See how neatly wound I was when I first came home? Such a site to see!

Unfortunately I ended up in what my owner calls her "stash" for about a year before she finally decided what I would grow up to be. I believe she called it a beautiful "peacock shawlette." I glanced at a photo of it when she sat me on top of the freshly printed directions ready to begin and it really was beautiful, I couldn't wait!

I began slowly transforming through rows and rows of lace knitting that required my owner's full concentration level.

We even got through the entire part 1 of the pattern! And then...the unthinkable happened...

That dark fateful night (actually I think it was a sunny afternoon but still...effect wise, dark fateful night just works), she frogged me! Yes can you believe it?! She frogged ALL of me!

Apparently the frustration of trying out lace knitting with the November/December holiday craziness was just too overwhelming. She realized that several rows prior, somehow the stitches had been shifted and thus horribly messed up the appeal of the pretty lace pattern so there was no choice but to go back to the beginning.

Ever since that day, I've been cooped up in a knitting bag, waiting to see the light of day and hopefully what will one day become my permanent home project. What, oh what will become of me? Another shawl perhaps? An actual pair of socks? Something else sock yarn related? What shall I become?


  1. Replies
    1. I'm very much leaning towards that!

  2. Aww, I hope he becomes something nice soon! All my sock yarn becomes shawls :)

    1. Mine usually becomes shawls as well (thus the failed attempt) but I think I may try for socks this time...we'll see!

  3. Oh poor yarn! Some day you'll be a different shawl or socks :D I'm sure she'll knit with you again soon!

  4. Such pretty colours - it will all be alright one day - you can't be left on the shelf forever... let's hope your looks don't fade :)

  5. My yarn does this to me too - just frogged a hat that i think wants to be colorwork mittens! Maybe yours will be a pair of fine mittens or gloves?

  6. Poor little boundle, you should be like a butterfly! You should be a shawl!