Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One A Day Tuesday Tallies #4

Annnddd....it's Tuesday already!

The ripple continues to grow :)
And this week, meet Mac and Cheese...our two orange tabby cats who seem to think this, like every other blanket, is theirs.

Mac is always first to get comfy on something

Just to keep it new and fresh every week I'm starting a new, smaller One A Day project to do along with my ripple blanket.

This is the only hint picture I can give you because I thought of this idea when I was going through my stash last night at 10 pm.


  1. Blankets looking wonderful! how great your cats match the blanket!!!
    Look forward to seeing your other one a day.

  2. your blanket is coming on a treat looking lovely. i look forward to your new project the colours look lovely on your new yarn

  3. Hi!
    Your blanket is coming along nicely. Love those colors or your new project. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  4. The blanket it almost - but not quite - camo for those lovely cats! : )

    The new colours look great too. x

  5. He he I love how they are getting comfortable on your lovely looking blanket.

    The colours for your new project look awesome, I really like the blue colour

  6. Your blanket is growing steadily!! Can't wait to see the new project - the colors look good together :o)

  7. Fab blanket, gorgeous cats, pretty much my ideal really!

  8. I love your blanket. Your cats look so cosy on the blanket. I have have 2 cats and I always find them nestled in my yarn bag on top of all the yarn. I definitely think its a cats life :)

  9. The ripples look great :) I love the colours for your new project!

  10. Great blanket! Love your cats too, what good names!

  11. Lovely blanket, and cats!
    Looking forward to seeing your new project, Judy x

  12. Hello! Doing the Tuesday Tally rounds. This is my first week. My daughter loved the name of your cats. The ripple is really nice. Excellent progress!