Sunday, January 1, 2012

WiP Wednesday #7

Talk about progress, I can't believe all I've done in the past week! Although, I have been absent from WIP Wednesday for a few weeks due to the holidays I promise you everything in this post was somehow all done in the last week and a half!

Remember that snowflake throw I recently finished? And how I thought I was finished with those motifs? I was wrong! I'm now currently making two carseat sized versions of the throw for a friend's two youngest! One is in pink camoflauge and the other in green camouflage :)

All of the motifs on both blankets are finished through round 4 (of 7 rounds)
The pile of 19 pink camo snowflakes (the 20th is fully complete as a test to see how the final looked)
Here's the green camo
And the pile of green camo snowflakes (again, all completed through round 4)
Hubby had been bothering me to make us a giant blanket for our queen sized bed and I had ordered this kit about a month ago from Herrschners. The kit is enough to make a 48" x 62" blanket with all of the below colors minus the brown so I figured it was a good deal to get a good amount of the yarn for a good price (order the rest later) and I already had two skeins of brown in my stash. It's Herrschners Worsted 8 yarn and I LOVE it for afghans. It's soft and isn't stiff, making you want to wrap up in the blanket as you make it (and it's extremely affordable)!

Ripply Goodness!
Looking from one end to the other
I like this pattern so much I decided to make one as a Christmas gift for the upcoming year. I won't say for who because I'm not sure if they read the blog or not but here's the color palette:

I wanted to use Herrschners Worsted 8 for this as well but with JoAnn's having a $2.95 flat rate shipping deal going on, I opted for Red Heart Super Saver (which I only use when it comes to afghans that get heavy use, I won't use it on other things). The one not Super Saver is the Mint Green which is Bernat Super Value that I already have in my stash.

I'm also 2 Block a Month Afghans this year. One will be for our house and the other will be another Christmas present. Here's a few blocks to show off the color palette for those two projects.

This is the color palette for the blanket staying at our house. It's going to be a massive "family movie night" blanket!

These two squares are part of the second blanket that will be a present. They're just a simpler two color palette.

So that's six blankets, right? Plenty going on, right? Nope, I have one more big project that's going to be in progress once my Stylecraft Special DK Colourpack package arrives from Deramores! I'd link the pack but they're currently sold out on the site so it's not listed right now.

Photo Courtesy Deramores

Using my Stylecraft for the 12 blocks in this group.

I'm sure to most, doing all of the above projects seems insane but think of it this way:
  • Both snowflake throws will be finished at the end of January so that's already down to 5 blankets
  • My ripple blanket in progress will be finished by about March (taking the count to 4) and after that's complete, I'll start the other ripple to be done by Christmas.
  • The remaining three blankets are all Block A Month projects so I'm only doing a few blocks per month. Even if I do multiple blocks a day, it's really only 3-4 days/month since I have a few extra blocks to do for the really big family blanket.
Laying it out that way rationalizes it all for me. I do have hopefully two smaller projects in store for this month but they haven't been started yet and will likely go quick once they are started :)


  1. *whistles* That's a lot of blankets! You're going to be the warmest crocheter in your town this year, I think ;) I really love your 'two colour blanket' blocks. The colours work beautifully together, and the plain brown block is really lovely. I like the laciness of the pattern while it still looks good and warm.

    Good luck with your plan for 2012 :)

  2. Wow...that's along of blankets! I LOVED the snowflake one. And the ripple blanket is awesome. I've decided I want to learn to crochet for a granny square throw and granny is kicking my butt! I need some of your mojo!

  3. That's still a lot of blankets! I'm not surprised you have requests for more snowflake throws, the first one was so beautiful!

  4. Crochet can be so creative with shapes. I love all the little motifs.

  5. You are a blanket making machine! Impressive!