Friday, January 13, 2012

FO Friday #10

Blanket #1 for 2012 is finished!

It's a small, carseat sized pink camo blanket for a friend's youngest daughter. I'm working on a second one in green camo for her son. That one should be done by next week!

To which, for the second time I thought: "At least when I'm done with these two, I won't have to make this blanket again since I've done it three times now." Nope, wrong, I have to make a full sized (6 snowflakes by 7 snowflakes) one in pink camo for someone else, haha so that one isn't even started yet.

Blankets to be completed in 2012:
1. Pink camo carseat blanket --COMPLETED JANUARY 2012
2. Green camo carseat blanket (should be done by next week)
3. Pink camo full sized blanket (doesn't need to be done until Christmas so I can take my time)
4. Block A Month blanket for us (going to be a huge 6x6 blanket)
5. Block A Month blanket for a Christmas gift (needs to be complete by November)
6. Ripple blanket for us (should be done by March, it's my One A Day project)
7. Ripple blanket for a Christmas gift (starting after my other ripple is finished sometime in March)
8. Whimsical Wonderland BAM blanket for our living room (starting my January square as soon as my Deramores order arrives which should be soon I believe)

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of blankets to make! Love the pink camo one, so cute :)

  2. Camo!! I need some of that to make something for Baby H. Dad is a hunter and loves camo. Love the snowflakes!

  3. That's a lot of blankets! At least some of them are small. I love the pink camo, and usually I hate pink!

  4. Are you aware of the group on Ravelry known as "Selfish Knitters & Crocheters" because, really, you need to be.

    It's quite a lovely group where you learn how to say, "no" in various ways and learn the rules of Veruca :)

    Just sayin'........but the blanket is lovely.

    1. I didn't know that group existed lol but really I made so much for myself last year I don't mind too too much making things for other this year (and it's getting Christmas shopping done). I was a gymnastics teacher and ended up stopping work last June because gymnastics and pregnant don't mix well :-P so I had a whole two months where I think I made myself about 15-20 things in that short time because it's all I did. I still may check that group out though, thanks for suggesting it :)

  5. I like the blanket. I have a baby blanket in progress that I need to finish as they baby has already arrived. I like your list of upcoming project they sound awesome!

  6. I know what you're saying about making the same thing over and over (that's why I keep doing cowls but different patterns each time). Love your planning for the year too...I can't seem to plan past this week! :-)

  7. I love the blanket! It's so pretty.

  8. Wow - that is gorgeous! I didn't know there was pink camo - love it!!

  9. Love the blanket as well, great colours.