Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One A Day Tuesday Tallies #2

I've been missing my crochet the last few days as this weekend had other plans in store. Mainly yesterday because my husband figured "Hey, day off work, let's just sit around the house, be lazy and relax." Sounds great until he went out for something in the morning and on his way back, the brakes went to the floor on the car! Luckily he didn't hit anyone/anything and was able to pump them to get them to come back but the rest of the day was spent waiting for the car to be out of the shop and roaming the car deal test driving SUVs. We got the car's brakes fixed but I think sometime this year it's time we upgrade to a family car that's not 10 yrs old and better for our road trips!

Anyways, random life stories aside, I have updated pictures of my blanket!

Excuse the baby toys/diaper bag in the top left and laundry basket in the top right :-P
I'm in love with this blanket and it's getting big enough to cuddle up with while I work on it! Hopefully next week's picture I can get while it's sitting on our bed to give a better idea of size :)

Even though it's such a long blanket the rows go amazingly quick and I'm able to do my week's worth of color repeats in about a day (sometimes a day and another morning).

Also finished a few more squares for various other blankets that are currently WiP!

Chocolate/Light Blue for an afghan that will be a gift

Star Overlay block for our big "family movie night cuddle blanket"

Another for the family movie night blanket

Block for my Whimsical Wonderland CAL afghan that will eventually go on our chair upstairs. A chair that matches NOTHING in our house but it belonged to my husband's grandfather so I have to make it work haha.

The blocks for the blankets are more of a "One A Week" goal rather than "One A Day" but I thought I'd include them to spice up more than the same old ripple pictures :)

Time for me to post this, get the little one settled, get my breakfast and check out everyone's updates!


  1. Hi!
    Love your ripple blanket! Those colors your using are gorgeous. Your granny squares are awesome. Love them all. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  2. What lovely colours... it is nice to see some darker blends in a ripple. I look forward to seeing it growing up (or down) the bed! :)x

  3. I like your color combinations, too. The granny ripple looks fun to do.

  4. Love your squares, I'm aiming for a square a week this year as well. Your ripple looks fabulous, those colours work very well together.

  5. Love the blanket, it looks wonderful and I love the squares and can't wait to see the afghans that go together with these.

  6. Love your ripple blanket, great colours, your squares are fab, great patterns.xxx

  7. wow i love your ripple blanket & also your squares a beautiful

  8. Wowzers! I am in awe at the size of your project and how much you've gotten done. I'm reminded of a bright, spring garden.
    You made such interesting squares also! They're really neat.

  9. That blanket is so lovely, I really love the blue in it. Great squares especially the ones for your movie night blanket.

  10. love your family movie night blanket. Great patterns

  11. Love your squares and your ripple! Gorgeous!