Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WiP Wednesday #8

I've been so sidetracked with bigger projects and the like that I haven't really had a chance to post any real WiP Wednesday entries in a few weeks.

I am working on a Sensational Lacy Scarf for a contest entry and hoping I can finish it by the end of January so it can be entered!

It's about half done since it's a thin fashion scarf but going very, very slow due to crochet thread but I'm loving the outcome of it!

I do have some other FO's to share hopefully soon as they're tests for a few designers so I'm waiting for them to publish the designs and I can link them for everyone.

So yes, the above scarf being that it's going so slow has been keeping me busy in addition to other larger projects I blog about on other days.

I should hopefully be done my green camo blanket in time for next Friday, definitely not this Friday as I had originally hoped. I had wanted to use this past Monday's holiday as a day to just be lazy and crochet but life had other plans in the form of us starting to look at new cars because of other car issues. We figured we'd rather know what we're going to get for a new car and have a plan instead of getting stuck where the one that had to be put in the shop couldn't be fixed and we had to quickly pick one and not be able to think our decision through.

Hope everyone else is having a productive week! Can't wait to wander the blog world and read updates this afternoon!


  1. The scarf is looking lovely, great colours :) I love skinny scarves (I've got one on the go at the moment)!

  2. I love the scarf, it looks great. How very fashionable!

  3. That scarf looks awesome! Love that colour combination

  4. Looks great so far! Can't wait to see how it drapes.