Thursday, November 17, 2011

FO Friday #4

I mentioned Wednesday that I had lots of FO's and lots of pictures, right?


I do!

We'll start with this past weekend. I was dying to make one of these for SOMEONE and even though it's a baby cocoon, my 3-month old is just too long to logically fit in this thing. A friend on Facebook mentioned her friend had just had a baby that day so I officially had someone to make it for! Quickest project ever!

The top is made of that Pom-Pom novelty type yarn which I had purposely avoided since it's been out. I didn't realize the top of the baby cocoon was made of this until I looked at the pattern but surprisingly, I was pleased working with the Pom-Pom yarn and if I had a use for it, I'd do it again!

FO #2 this week: Fingerless Mitts for my Aunt. It wasn't a project planned for my week but I found out she was in need of them so another quick project later, here they are.

The above mitts were made with the leftover yarn from my next FO for this week, an owl hat for a friend expecting a baby! I won't mention what friend on the off chance she somehow finds my blog (I'm about 80% sure she won't).

I love these owl hats from Inner Hooker, they're so adorable. My little one now fits hers so we're getting a lot of wear out of it for cuteness reasons! I have a few of her other hat patterns as well but haven't got around to making them just yet!

Made myself a Divine Hat this week as well (mentioned it in this week's WIP Wednesday post). It was my project off the "quick list" on my year of projects that I wanted to do before Christmas. With all my other FO's I understand I really could've gotten away without making a project off my list but I myself needed a new hat for this winter and our latest cold front was motivation!

These last three FO are very small but I love them so I wanted to include them. I made the hubby a bottle cozy and a coffee cozy in his beloved Steelers colors. He tested it out with a beer bottle the other day and it was perfect but of course when I went to take pictures, all I had within reach was an ugly water bottle.

Finally these are FO's in the sense that the hat itself is finished but I haven't embellished them yet so I guess they're sort of WIPs too. I was just happy to complete three (3!!) of them this week on top of everything else.

They're baby hats, for which of course my model was napping at the time of this post, oh well. They're all 3-6 month size :).

I can't promise every week will be this productive and picture pretty but I'm glad to have so many to share with you this week!


  1. Fantastic projects - I think the owl hat is my favourite, closely followed by the Christmas Baby Cocoon!

  2. Oh my goodness the owl hat is absolutely adorable!

  3. I did a snuggly this week too. Mine is in the style of a football! I will have to keep this one in mind, convert it to knit, and use it for any future Christmas babies!!

  4. I'm happy to hear you say that working with the pom-pom yarn was easier than you thought---I've been avoiding it, too, but I'm also curious, and now I sort of want to try it as trim on something...

    Anyway, all your FOs are just lovely---the cocoon and owl hat are so, so cute, and hooray for the Divine Hat! I've just started hooking one up for myself yesterday, it will be my second one (I made the first one to sell), and I love the pattern, the texture of it works up so beautifully.

    And I looove the colours of those baby hats, they're so bright and cheerful!

  5. Very prolific this week! I'm so glad to see a nice use for pom pom yarn - now I just need to find the cocoon pattern to use up the pom pom yarn in my stash!

  6. Wow you have been busy! These all look fab!

  7. Wow, that's a lot of FOs! I think if it had been me I'd save them for weeks where I didn't have diddly to put up, haha!

    I like the texture on the gloves a lot. Also the Xmas-y baby cocoon is cute!

  8. I *love* that owl hat - and the colors you chose are brilliant :-)

  9. You've been so busy, and made such amazing items. I LOVE that owl hat, it is adorable.