Saturday, November 26, 2011

YoP #5 - Not the update I had hoped for

First off, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow U.S. friends. I was up at my in-laws for most of the week and missed out on blogging (and missed out on making much progress but more about that in a paragraph or two). I was quite bummed that usually I'm just about finished my Christmas gift shopping/making by Thanksgiving but that was before kids. This year, it was Thanksgiving and I had barely started but that has since been remedied!

Well, first off let's start with this news about my YoP list: I finished my Saroyan and I'm in love with it! I was hoping to have it blocked before I left for the in-laws house but it wasn't quite dry so it had to stay at home but was a nice surprise for me to come back to yesterday!

Isn't it lovely? Honestly I'm tempted to make another because of how quick it was!

Now, for the tragedy of the week. Remember my Peacock Shawlette that I was so excited about? This one with the unique colors in it?

Well, about 40 some odd rows in I decided it'd be a nice project to take with me to work on over Thanksgiving holiday. Apparently I was wrong. I happily took it out of my bag and began knitting away when several rows later I noticed that there were several random stitches added and a few stitches dropped as I went along. Long story short, the rows that aren't pattern rows are to be purled and it appears I took out the project thinking I was on a purl row when I wasn't so I purled two rows straight and then on one of the following pattern rows I somehow didn't follow the pattern very well (this is why I don't knit and talk, I should know better at this point).

Without a lifeline anywhere and me being quite rookie on fixing my own knitting mistakes AND knowing that I have started and restarted this thing at least 4-5 times, I decided that I was going to have to forfeit the project, frog and save it for another time. I'm not taking it off my list because it was my own stupidity that caused on the confusion and I do want to complete it, I just don't think the holidays are a good time for me to do my first knit lace shawl. It was rather sad to unravel it all :( but I'm optimistic about the next time I start it.

Poor yarn looks so sad now.

I think I'm going to cast on my Summit Shawl or Ballet Camisole this week. Eventually I'll cast on both and work simultaneously as I think the Ballet Camisole is a prety repetitive pattern so I'll need some variety going too.

Next time I'll know to listen to myself and take the simple project to work on while I talk. If I had done that, my 3rd vortex square would be complete instead of behind! Darn holiday madness kicking in!


  1. Awwww, so sorry about the shawl. Don't think it is because you are rookie on fixing mistakes. Even those of us that have knitted for years would have been in a pickle too. I hardly ever use a lifeline and I know that is bad but............Well, you get the gist.

  2. The Saroyan looks great. Sorry to hear about the shawl. The yarn does look lovely and I agree, pre-holidays is no time to start up new techniques :).

  3. I understand the frogging, hope it goes better next time round. Love your Saroyan...awesome colors.

  4. Oh dear .. I have a ball of wool just like that one. Mine has been frogged more times than I care to admit. I love your Saroyan scarf - have had that pattern printed for awhile - seeing yours makes me want to grab the needles straight away but I must be good and finish some other things first.

  5. Holiday madness has kicked in, hasn't it! I'm a bit bummed about how far behind I am this year too! Sorry about the Peacock Shawlette - I'd be tempted to save that project until those quiet days between Christmas and New Years. Although, maybe with kids those days aren't too quiet either.

  6. Your Saroyan is so festive; I think of Christmas when I look at it.
    I hear you on lace frogging. Been trying to start a simple lace scarf and had to rip it out because I'm not giving it enough attention as I should and shouldn't try to watch my girls swim and knit it at the same time.