Sunday, November 13, 2011

YoP #4

I guess there's good news and bad news to this post. The good news being I've been productive on my Saroyan, the bad news being that's ALL I've been productive with off my list this week. I've officially been invaded by outside projects which is keeping me from my list! I did finish my Granny Cowl that I posted in this past week's FO Friday!

I finished the first increase section and am working on the fourth or ten leaves on the middle before doing the last six leaf decrease. My guess is that this will be done fairly quickly but once again, we'll see how those non-list projects take over my life :-P.

The fourth row on the snowflake throw is finished but I won't bore you with another repetitive picture of more snowflakes. Two rows to go so that is moving at a good pace too!

* Must do more rounds on the Vortex throw to ensure my third square is finished by the end of November. I've only completed 9 of 22 rounds, yikes!
* More work on the Saroyan/Peacock Shawlette
* Get going on items for the upcoming craft show Dec. 1st or 6th (the date hasn't been finalized yet)
* Complete a baby gift for a friend we're seeing over the Thanksgiving holiday
*Row number FIVE on the snowflake throw
*Finish something on my "quick project" list which really should only take an hour or two

On top of all the crafty-ness I really do need to clean the house so it'll be an interesting week. I'm hoping for long naps from the little one to help me out! I figure if I can get some non-YoP things done during the day with the cleaning, then the evening is mine to work on YoP things!

Sorry there's no exciting pictures this week, I do already have at least one FO for FO Friday this week, hoping for two!


  1. I'm with you there, we have been doing Christmas crafting for the school fayre, the house is a tip, but the thought of doing housework in th evening in 'my' crocheting time? You gotta be kidding!

    Like the look of your shawl, I reckon you're right once you hit the middle and start working down it will be done before you know it.

    Hope you have a successful week on all fronts and you get your targets done.

  2. Outside things always have a way of cropping up right when you don't want them !.
    Here if I don't get housework done first thing in the morning then it bad oh well I need my crafting as down time.
    Love your shawl and the one I just recently knit went from end to end and I found the increase part every slow but as soon as I started decreasing it seemed to fly, its all about preception I think lol
    I hope you get all done for your week

  3. Good luck balancing it all! I normally write a to-do list, and then halve it, to have any chance of getting stuff done.

  4. The Saroyan looks great so far. Good luck with the cleaning - I know I avoid it a fair amount myself.

  5. It's looking awesome so far! Good for you for being so motivated & having those goals, Good luck!

  6. The saroyan is looking really good so far! And wow that snowflake throw looks complicated, but so pretty!