Sunday, November 6, 2011

YoP #3 / Squee Sunday #2

Not sure that I'll have time to do separate Year of Project and Squee Sunday posts today so I cheated and tacked my Squee Sunday onto the bottom of this post instead :).

I've been busy busy knitting away on my Peacock Shawlette and haven't had to rip it out again yet *crosses fingers*. Let's hope at 26 rows in, we're good to go (but probably good for me to start stringing in some life lines in case I have to frog anything else).

Also decided I couldn't hold off and had to start my Saroyan this week! Loving this pattern so far, it goes so quick!

I think the pattern shows up best in a solid color but I really like this yarn and it's so soft that I can't resist! I'll probably make another in a solid to show off the pattern better.

It doesn't seem like much yet but I also started the first few rows on my Cap Sleeve Top. I'll have to get a better picture of the yarn because it looks grey in this one and it's not! It's Bernat Baby Stretch in a medium purple color, very pretty. I hate when pictures don't do the yarn justice!

My snowflake count on my throw is at 21/42 (counting large motifs only, not fillers). Looks like this will be finished by Thanksgiving!

Yes, there's one filler motif I have to put in at the bottom left but I had to take the updated picture for today's post.

YoP-wise, I think that's my progress for the week. Two starts and two continuing WIPs so four projects total off my list in progress right now, not too bad! I guess there's really five since my Vortex Throw is on there but the only progress on that was the first several rounds of the third square so no pictures I haven't already posted.

Don't forget to click the link above and read about others' squees too!!

My Squee for this week? Little One, who was previously accidentally getting her thumb in her mouth, can now purposely get it in her mouth! We thought it was the usual accident until she pulled it out and promptly put it back in. Can't believe she'll be 3 months on Monday already! Time is flying!


  1. Awwww, I love her skeleton costume!

    And you just reminded me that I have to starch a bunch of snowflakes. :)

  2. Oh all your projects are absolutely lovely. You are making great progress!

    And she is SO sweet!!!! My daughter was a thumb sucker - we figured she was since we have some in utero pics of her sucking her thumb *laughs*

  3. Wow - how do you fit in so much crafting with a tiny one too? Everything and everyone is gorgeous.

  4. Looks like a great start on your peacock shawl. Lifelines and fingers crossed you're well underway. And wow, your snowflake afghan looks really great!

  5. I love all your projects, the peacock shawlette is stunning what exquisite colours in the yarn. I only learnt what a lifeline was recently, but I reckon they're a great idea and I should definitely get a few'll prolly mean you won't make any mistakes at all then. Your little one is beautiful, time certainly flies doesn't it?

  6. Awwww!! Sooo cute!!! I love your projects too!

  7. Love your projects and your making great progress on them all, love the colours especially in the peacock and I too hate when the camera dosen't do the yarn justice.
    How cute is your little one, enjoy every moment as its gone so quick.

  8. How cute is she! Little Man was never a thumb sucker...he shoves it in there to chew on (he's teething) but he doesn't suck.

    I also love her skeleton jumper. It's adorable. One of my friends from college bought Little Man a skull & crossbones sweater for his birthday. I hope it'll fit him next Hallowe'en :)