Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WiP Wednesday #4

My mom called me earlier in the week to remind me that the small annual craft fair we usually do was quickly approaching so based on my limited time (it's held the second week in December) to build stock, I've decided to go with "Are you cozy this holiday season?" for my portion of the items.

That means I've been working on creating all kinds of various cozies for various items! Obviously the first versions aren't perfect so I'm not sharing pictures of those but Friday I'll be sure to have a few to share!

Above is my box of yarn to create all my craft show goodies. Being that my phone call with my mom was last Thursday when Michael's was conveniently selling Vanna's Choice for 1.99 PLUS 25% off your total purchase. I picked up a ton of skeins and spent only $19.60. I should mention that total also included a skein of pompom yarn for a project that will also be revealed on Friday!

I don't have that many exciting pictures for this week's Wednesday which is a bummer because I have so many FO's to share at the end of the week! I believe right now I'm up to 6...yes SIX!! We'll say it was a busy Saturday through Tuesday for me :)

Here's one of my not quite yet finished small items this week in Moda Dea Eclipse. I really wish they still made this yarn, it's such a pretty color.

So yes, I apologize for the lack of exciting pictures but Friday will be an extravagant post of pictures for sure, I'm excited!

For now, it's off to make some progress on my Saroyan and other bigger projects that have sadly been neglected the past week due to "life" going on.

And on one last note? This is how I've been so productive lately. As opposed to being rocked to sleep, we just sort of zonk out now.


  1. I love it when Michaels has big skeins of worsted weight on sale for the cheaps. I had a similar situation a few weeks ago when I picked up a crapload of Loops and Threads for an afghan for like, $30.

  2. That eclipse yarn really is pretty, shame it's not made any more.

    You have 6 FOs?! That's amazing, so much to show off soon! Can't wait to see :)

  3. Love your yarn haul! It was so hard to resist right?

    And love your little sleeping cutie! Love the little baby hands...

  4. You totally scored at the sale! Good luck getting ready for the craft fair. What a cute baby picture!