Thursday, December 15, 2011

A picture is worth...well, you know how it goes

So as I sit here thinking of the pictures I need to take for my upcoming blog posts, I'm disappointed at yet another dark, overcast day resulting in a lack of natural light. My last several posts I haven't been happy with pictures at ALL but haven't had a chance at much natural light so I think I'm going to dive into making my own little "cheap" photo studio in my house. I had found this blog which is a great idea but still relies on natural light so it's still iffy in solving my problem.

I do use large cardstock in the background of pieces when I can but still, relying on natural light (although it is the best light for photography) isn't always an option!

I've seen several mini-studios made using a large cardboard box which is great for showing off little projects but still not that fantastic for those bigger projects like wearables and blankets!

I am waiting for the above book to come out for some inspiration. It's already available to purchase on a few other sites but personally with Amazon being so much cheaper AND my family has Amazon Prime so we don't ever pay for shipping, I'll wait a few more weeks. I love photography and I have a great camera for it but pictures are so important to me on a blog post and I could do with much improvement there I think!

With that said, anyone have their own mini makeshift photo studio for blog pictures? Share your photo taking trials and tribulations as well as successes!


  1. I made myself a light box using an old shoe box (from a pair of army boots, so it's pretty big) and plain white paper. We have an angled daylight bulb table lamp I use to light it, and it works pretty well for taking shots of small things.

    Bigger stuff is tricky, I tend to try and use the bright light in the kitchen for that, which doesn't lead to great backgrounds!

    Learning how to play with all the settings on your camera (like white balance) can really help as well.

  2. I suck with the photographs. Seriously, it's bad. I usually wind up using Little Man as a model and things don't turn out correctly (colorwise) but he's so cute that we tend not to notice :)