Sunday, December 25, 2011

YoP #8

Going to keep the update short and sweet this week with it being the holidays!

Finished up my Snowflake throw if you didn't see it the other day. Here's a quick shot of it!

And the picture below is the one I mentioned Friday where I posted it and now all of a sudden I have three more of these to make!! Yikes!

I did some small revisions to my list based on some things (and patterns) that have come up. Here's the rundown as it stands:

Small Projects: (4 of 7 completed)
1. Granny Square Cowl - Make with stash odds and ends for lots of color (COMPLETED 11.9.11)
2. Divine Hat - Moda Dea Eclipse in stash (COMPLETED November 2011)
3. City Girl Cap - Vanna's Choice in stash
4. Sensational Lacy Scarf - Crochet Thread in stash in several different colors
5. Lace Fingerless Mitts - Patons Stretch Socks in stash
6. Crochet Button Slippers - Green/Yellow boucle in stash (COMPLETE December 2011 but haven't shared the final yet)
7. Crochet Mile a Minute Scarf - Simply Soft Ombres in stash (COMPLETED Dec 2011 but haven't shared the final yet)

CALs (done by end of 2011): (3 of 3 completed)
1. Chevron Lace Cardi (COMPLETED 10.23.2011)
2. Snowflakes Throw (COMPLETED Dec 2011)
3. Vortex Throw (COMPLETED Dec 2011)

Crochet: (0/6 completed)
1. Pinecone Top
2. Lacy Cropped Cardi
3. Custom Tank Version #1
4. Cap Sleeve Top (in progress)
5. Custom Tank Version #2
6. South Bay Shawlette

Knit: (1/7 completed)
1. Clapotis (next to be cast on as soon as I'm caught up on a few things)
2. Ballet Camisole (in progress and flying along swimmingly!)
3. Peacock Shawlette
4. Sagrantino Shawl
5. Haruni
6. Saroyan (COMPLETED Nov 2011)
7. Walnut Grove

The top of my list looks great, the bottom not so much. The ballet camisole is nearly finished and I'm hoping to get it off the needles soon so that I can join in on a Walnut Grove KAL that starts Jan. 1 and runs through Feb. 14 so that'll get me another completed and another started. The crochet part of the list doesn't bother me as I crochet fast so really I was making sure I get the knitting out of the way and/or started first.

Hope everyone's having a fantastic holiday!


  1. Thanks for reposting the finished Snowflake throw - I missed it the first time round but I just love it! Perfect colour choices!

  2. Oh wow, your Snowflake throw is amazing!! I'm so impressed. I also loved you sharing your list. I just cleaned out my knitting basket and updated my ever-growing list. It is always to nice to cross something off!