Sunday, December 4, 2011

YoP #5

I'm 6 rounds and four corners away from finishing my 3rd Vortex square. Going to see about getting that done today while the laundry runs.

My ballet camisole is coming along nicely. It was the perfect project to use my yarn from Tess' in Maine. I have a few more decrease rows for the lower body but it works up pretty quickly,

Think I'll whip up my crochet button slippers this week as well. I have some comfy boucle for those that oddly enough I got at Target in the dollar section!

So good progress this week I think. Snowflakes till have a small bit to go but I'm at least opimistic that'll be complete by Christmas. I've been slowly working on my Cap Sleeve Top as well but not worth a picture for progress right now :).


  1. Such pretty colours! I love that camisole :)

  2. Target sells yarn in your, they don't here.
    Looks like you've got a plan and will be able to make some wonderful headway while you're multi-tasking with the laundry

  3. My Targets don't sell yarn. What section do you find yours in?
    You pick such fun yarn!

  4. How great to see all the swirling and circular patterns! Such energy!

  5. @Sandy

    I wish they sold yarn regularly. I have to search it out in the dollar section thing they have up front and it's usually only maybe twice a year I actually find it.

  6. @Kepanie

    Right when you walk into a Target they have the $1 section and once in a blue moon they'll have skeins in there. I wish they did it on a regular basis, it's such a good deal!

  7. Love the vortex square, I've seen it a few times on ravelry and I'm sure I will tackle it sometime. The camisole also looks really pretty....what great projects!

  8. Love the projects and the camisole is the prettiest colour. Sounds like you have a great plan going on.