Sunday, December 11, 2011

YoP #6

More progress than I thought this past week and hopefully EVEN more on the two blankets this upcoming week!

Made it through quite a few more rows of my Ballet Camisole but no picture this week because that way next week's picture will make the project look that much bigger ;) It has very much become my evening knitting with some hot chocolate. I'm such a kid, not much of a coffee drinker and have to be in the mood for tea but I never turn down hot chocolate! I do need to make my mug a cozy but I hate covering up the Mickey Mouse ears!

I did finish off the 3rd Vortex square and started the fourth one a few days ago.

4th square in progress!
Three squares patiently waiting to be put all together

Ended up doing my button slippers in a red Soft Yarn as the boucle wasn't co-operating much when it came to crocheting so I'll have to see about a small knitting project for those skeins. Someone disappointed but I still love my red slippers! I'm saving the full reveal for Friday!

Today is my day to work on snowflakes so obviously I don't have an update picture. Honestly I'm hoping my next update picture is that it's finished. Nothing like being SO close to finished on two bigger projects that I can't make myself sit down and just finish one!

OH! And before I forget, I for the life of me cannot decide which shawl to use my Caron Simply Soft Light in black on so on my blog's homepage (on the lefthand side) is a poll. Pop in your vote and help me decide! If you vote "Other" make sure to leave a comment with your suggestion here


  1. Congrats on being so close to 2 large projects. That is great. Also I love hot chocolate too. Cooks Illustrated has a recipe that is melted chocolate in cream. Yeah.... it is as good as it sounds.

  2. Your projects are looking great! Your mug is very cute - I think you should get a plain mug to make a cover for - that one is just too cute to cover!! ;-D

  3. I love your vortex, and am looking forward to seeing the progress on that pretty pink camisole and your blankets next week!

  4. Wow, it is so hard to vote for just one of the shawls. I love two of them! Look forward to next weeks pictures. Gotta go and vote now.

  5. Exciting to be so close to finishing two big projects! I'm looking forward to lots of pictures next week! I've voted for Haruni - I just love that pattern and I'm trying to work up the nerve to attempt it!

  6. Your projects are looking great and well done on getting them so close to a finish. :D