Sunday, December 25, 2011

Squee Sunday!!

First off, I hope everyone's had a fantastic holiday! Among other non-crafty things, I have to share my squee about the crafty goodness I received for Christmas!!

My parents got me a...

Talk about scrapbooking goodness!!! I'm so excited to play with this die-cut machine! It also gives me motivation to do what I've been meaning to do to my desk...clean it! Hubby and I are moving my desktop computer up to our spare room which we use as an "office" so I can use my desk for all my crafty things. As of now, most of my crafty things are up in the spare room which doesn't work well considering I spend most of my time down in the Rec Room where the desk is! Thus...the upcoming switch. The possibilities are endless with this machine and I can' even decide where to start! It comes with four cartridges already too and my younger brother gave me a storage case for the cartridges (on top of an A.C. Moore giftcard :) yay).

I'll also have to make a trip to Michaels as I have a giftcard there too and may use it (on top of a 40% coupon) to get a set of interchangeable needles.

Hubby made sure I won't be bored with:


I love amigurumi and I don't make enough of it, it's too cute!!

Plus, I had asked for this and totally forgot I had asked!

He also noticed (more than myself even) that I constantly talk about a certain attachment I wanted for my KitchenAid and....tada!

Know what it is? The book below he also got me might help!

That's right, we'll be making some homemade ice creams and sorbets! I cannot wait to try this thing!!

Ok, done squeeing about my random crafty/cooking goodness. I feel like such a little kid!

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  1. Wow, you got a haul this year! Creepy cute crochet is fun, but as a warning you will need to either learn to make the clay eyes or stock up on lots of teeny safety eyes. :) Also, the author has some freebie patterns on her site that uses the book as a base, so those are worth looking at, too.