Friday, December 23, 2011

FO Friday #8

I have been horrible with blogging this week but the upside on my end is that all the presents are wrapped and done!

Also managed to finish the Snowflake Throw which was supposed to be my last blanket for 2011 giving me a clean slate to start my two planned blankets for 2012 but more on that later. First, onto the good stuff, the finished goodness of snowflakes!

I posted a picture of the hubby holding up the finished product on Facebook and that apparently made more work for myself :-P. I now am making three more of these things for friends. Ok, more like two because I'm making smaller carseat sized versions for a friend's two youngest so those two will total about the size of one blanket. I'm also making a full sized one for another friend to give to his wife. I'm excited to try this pattern with different colors! For the two small carseat sized blankets, one will be camo and the other will be pink camo which I'm looking forward to seeing! The other full sized one is going to be a green which will be pretty. All staying with white on the snowflakes.

So in the meantime while that yarn is on its way to my door in a package, I've been busily working on my ballet camisole more. There's a KAL that starts Jan. 1 and of course it requires the size needles that my camisole is sitting on. Now surely I could just go buy another set of that size but I'm being good and finishing this one first instead!

Also looks like my Caron Simply Soft will be going towards a Haruni shawl so we'll see when I can start on that too!


  1. LOVE the snowflakes! I know what you mean, everyone suddenly requesting things. (I try to only post small things on FB ;) ) I look forward to seeing the other colors!

  2. Very pretty.

    I get that too. Everytime I show something off I get 5 requests for the same thing. Unfortunately I hate making things more than once so I used to resent making them again, but now I've learnt to say no.

  3. Wow, that is stunning. Thanks for sharing (but I guess that has its downside too!).