Monday, October 3, 2011

Finish projects, prepare for more!

Managed to finish up my tie front top yesterday. Can't say it's my absolute favorite pattern, I think I'd like it more as a wrap tie rather than tie so I may experiment with this pattern again at some point.

The other disadvantage, this was supposed to be a stashbuster project so how come I have this left :-P

Finished up my shawl as well that I'm doing with one of my groups on Rav. I haven't blocked it yet but here's a small sneak peek!

Ahh...the release you feel when you complete projects! Completing also means there's room for more wips! Started working on a baby gift for a friend. I'll post the finished product at the end of the month as I don't want her to by chance see what it is! For now, this is all you get:

Well aware this particular post is turning into a picture post but eh, we all need one of those once in awhile, right? I was already ecstatic that my Knook was to be delivered tomorrow when I get a knock on the door today annnnddd: 

This of course led me to realize that *gasp* I have a Knook Along starting this week and I need to wind my yarn! So that got done too :)

I'm planning on making the leaves in the pattern above not out of cotton but out of wool. Then the plan is to felt them and connect them into an Autumn table runner :). Keyword in that sentence is "plan."

So I have a binder that I put patterns in after I've completed them. I have a folder on my laptop that includes all the knit/crochet patterns I want to do. The downside to the binder is I just seem to slap them in a page protector and close it until it's time to put in another one. I really need to organize it...especially when you spent the summer doing 16 projects and will have another 3-4 done by the end of this month ideally.

How do you store your patterns/projects after you print them and complete them?

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  1. Oooh! The Knook Knit looks amazing! (Just goes to show you I don't hang out enough with knitting/crochet types right now because I had no idea such a thing was even available!) Can't wait to see that "planned for" runner. ;)

    I usually store all my pattern print offs in a binder, although it's only loosely organized. I print off a lot of free, vintage patterns, and have a fairly large binder stuffed with patterns in page protectors. Between that and Ravelry I do a fairly good job of keeping track of what I have, have made up, want to make up, etc. Although I need to get some dividers for the binder so I can actually organize things properly! (Instead of just loosely grouping.)

    - Casey (