Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let is snow *er* slush?

I have to say I'm rather jealous of those who received a nice amount of snow in the northeast. Here about 30-45 min from D.C. we got a slight dusting but enough to make it pretty out. It was disappointing to know that an hour further west it was a complete winter wonderland!

Spent my day inside working on my Dusty Snowflake Throw (what can I say, the weather inspired me to work on it) but took a break for the always addicting rounds on Pinterest, Etsy, Ravelry, all that good stuff. I was very good and didn't buy anymore since I have enough projects going on but couldn't pass up sharing a small tidbit of the cute things I stumbled on.

(1) Really I have no idea what I would do with a giant owl but owls are cute and the pattern is free so I kind of want a reason to make a giant owl! Who doesn't?
(2) I'm wanting to do a crocheted snowflake ornament tree in my house somewhere and I have to say Martha Stewart's idea with the backings on them is a nice touch. Plus, who can turn down free patterns.
(3) I've been eyeing this boots pattern for awhile now. I'm dying to make some for my baby girl! They're just too cute for words!
(4) This little family would be a perfect winter decoration on my mantle if I didn't know for certain that two particular orange tabby cats in my house would see them as toys. PearCreekCottage has the individual snowmen in their store front but also offers the family as a whole...soo cute!
(5) How cute is this hat with the giant statement snowflake on the side of it! YarnBlossomBoutique sells the pattern for $4.99.


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