Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vortexing along, Knook along, you name it

Guess I should start by saying I'd love to respond to comments on here so you don't think I'm ignoring you but apparently Blogger doesn't let me unless I want to post a new comment or I'm just completely missing it and having a "blonde blog moment" :-D. I tried switching to another comment moderation system and it made all current comments not visible anymore so I quickly took that off...ugh the frustrations of setting this thing up!

Anyways, onwards to crochet!

My absence of a post yesterday was due to me being obsessed with my beloved Knook. I successfully Knooked one leaf for my table runner. Several people said it only took them an hour to get one leaf done but somehow it took me a tad longer. I'll attribute that to several things: (a) I was basically reading the directions for the Knook and applying to the the pattern all in one (b) I kept messing up in the beginning.

Eventually you'll get a full leaf picture but that'll have to wait until I complete a second one because although my first one has a leaf shape, I pretty much messed up the increases in the beginning to the pretty little design isn't quite there. Why didn't I rip it out and fix it? Well, I'm making them out of wool to felt, therefore you won't see my stitches and therefore as long as it was remotely shaped like a leaf I was determined to feel accomplished on the project for the day.

Either way, my stitches on the Knook do look quite pretty and I'm pleased with them despite the rough start.

I'm also officially halfway done on my second of four squares for a Vortex baby throw. The full afghan is nine squares but really I don't have time to do nine and four is what I happened to have yarn for in my stash :).

Between yesterday and today, the progress went from this:

all the way to this:
I have to say I forgot how much TLC Cotton Plus is one of my favorites. It's so so soft!

There was also progress on my "mystery baby project" that I can't share here just yet and can't wait to share it when it's finished!

I was hoping for a small bit more progress but unfortunately I had a pattern for fingerless mitts out this morning, worked up the entire thing only to find out that somehow they worked up to fit the hands of a monster, nowhere near my small hands. The results of finding that out? Project frogged, will try again later!

Must make a trip to the craft store tomorrow and I don't know that I'm looking forward to it. I was telling myself to stay away until I used up more of what I had BUT I'm returning my second skein of Starbella because well, I'd rather exchange it for my second skein of Red Heart Soft in white for my snowflake afghan. I also have to see about getting 2 skeins of Red Heart Shimmer in Lime for another project because Herrschners has decided to be annoying.

Placing an order September 18th saying all items in stock, receiving a box missing the above mentioned Red Heart Shimmer had me confused. After visiting the website I found out that color was all of a sudden back ordered until 10/03. No big deal, I can wait, right? Except the next day the site said back ordered until 11/02. Um....that won't really work for what I want to do with the yarn, I sort of need it this month to finish my project in time.

A quick e-mail to Herrschners asking why my order said it was in-stock, I never received it, never was notified it was back ordered or anything solicited the usual customer service response of "We're sorry, sometimes customers don't receive the back order notification." I'll give them credit for responding quickly but certainly they must know that knitters and crocheters have plans and if you mess with them well, we do work with needles and hooks, why would you mess with those plans, right?

Thus, after my long rant, I'm crossing my fingers for 2 skeins of shimmer in lime tomorrow. Only time will tell!


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