Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My first WIP Wednesday post

Thought since I read everyone's WIP Wednesday posts on Rav, I'd finally join in!

In all technicality I have 8 WIPs going right now and haven't done so bad working on 50% of them the past week! Might as well go down the goes...

Even though it's not much yet, I'm excited for the outcome of this one so I'll start out with the Peacock Shawlette I cast on tonight. I'm normally not much for knitting for long periods of time but somehow this one has sucked me in today and I'm addicted!

I thought I'd be disappointed making a peacock shawlette out of something not so much peacock colors but I'm quite fond of this color combo so we'll keep the fingers crossed! I'm only about four rows in and like I said, doesn't look like much yet but let's just mention it's an accomplishment for two reasons: a) I've managed to keep the CORRECT number of stitches each row and b) I haven't thrown it across the room yet!

I also have my Tunisian tee still going for the CrochetMe CAL. The goal is to have the second base triangle done by Halloween so that'll be my priority this weekend! Here's the first base triangle complete. Excuse the curling in the top corner, it'll work itself out once blocked, finished, etc. I'm making the tee a little thicker so right now it curls more.

I'm also 50% complete with a set of mitts I started. I love the color and the fit of these and finishing the second one should take no time at all!

Now for the big project: my Dusty Snowflake throw for the Red Heart CAL. The goal was to get another row of snowflakes done which I kind of did but didn't meet. I completely forgot I needed to add filler snowflakes in so I added those and then started doing up the second row of seven snowflakes. Each one is just shy of one complete round and a joining round so really a short bit of time and that second row will be done. If I can somehow manage to do it in the next day or so and be ready to start the third row this weekend, I'll be even happier!

That's what's on my hooks and needles this week. I did manage to finish something so I'll even have a quick post on Friday as well, Yay!


  1. Everything looks great! I love the yarn you're using for your shawlette. It's gorgeous.

  2. Thanks! I went back and forth on that yarn a million times but I'm officially happy with it :)