Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Different Kind of Ruffle Scarf

Anyone know what a good morning nap for an infant does for Mom? Gives her a chance she didn't expect to have to find a new layout for the blog and have time to customize the banner, play with widgets, all kinds of stuff! Yes, it was a long nap!

So A.C. Moore had their entire stock of yarn on sale this past week and I tried my very best to not go to the store. However, once Thursday came around several things came into play that made me give in and make the trip. My eight-week old daughter was not having any nap time for the afternoon which called for a trip in the car and/or stroller somewhere and I had noticed a new interesting yarn in the ad that I was curious to try out. It also doesn't help when you tell your husband you're going to the craft store and he says "buy some yarn :)". I should keep that text for future reference!

So what's the yarn I was dying to try out at least once?

Looks like fairly normal yarn on a skein, right? Not so much!
That's right folks, net yarn! Now I knew this going into the project but I have to admit I opened the skein, separated the netting and short of blurting out W-T-F, I just stared at it...wondering how it was going to turn into this unique scarf.

Suprisingly, once you get the hang of the pattern it was great to crochet with. Honestly it was a constant chain stitch with the occasional looping back to help create volume. It makes for a very fast project and can be completed in a day easily (even with an infant around).

The printed pattern called for two skeins but the designer on Ravelry said it was a quick one skein project and I'd have to agree. I wish I had seen that before my trip to the store, now I have an extra skein ;).

I do have to say it's pretty cool to be the first CROCHETED scarf in Ravelry from this yarn. There's I believe 22 projects with the knit version but the words "knit" and "quick" are not in a sentence together regarding my skills in that area so crochet was the way to go. The advantage to the crochet version is that it hides the wider edge of the yarn that doesn't separate into netting. The general knit pattern I've seen works from the opposite side so the thick border is on the outside whereas this gives more of the light airy feel having all the netting on the outside. Guess you're wondering about the final product, eh?
There's a brief hint of it above. I didn't model it because was rainy and cold here all day so it was a family pajama day and as much as I love my pajamas, they just don't go with this scarf!

On a side, yet somewhat related note, I bought a skein of some "self ruffling" yarn at Sewing & Quilting Expo probably four years ago and I really wish I could remember the name of it and see if it's even made anymore. Anyone else try any unique novelty yarns lately? Normally I steer clear of them because let's face it, there's not much to do with many novelty yarns aside from using them for borders on things it seems.

Now for a completely unrelated side note because it just popped up in my e-mail as I type. My Knook Kit shipped! Another toy to play with! Anyone have one? Want one? I'm anxious to play! I have to say it's interesting that Amazon now says it is out of print...hmm. Wondering if Leisure Arts pulled the plug on Amazon selling them? They're supposedly available at Wal-Marts but I won't go near our Wal-Mart with a ten-foot pole so online ordering was fine for me.

Until tomorrow, keep creating!


  1. Your scarf looks really cool, that yarn looks like it would be very difficult to use! I haven't used any novelty yarns, I haven't really had a need to. My kids like to try to get me to buy the stuff all the time though, most novelty yarns look pretty interesting.

    I saw a knook kit a few weeks ago but never bought it, I'm majorly kicking myself now because I really would like to try it and can't find a kit anymore! Next year, I really want to try it out though, I'm not good with knitting needles.

  2. also, I was going to say, yay for long naps! I remember how good those are, I miss naps around here!

  3. Oooh! My hat goes off to you for wrangling with that novelty yarn! I usually end up frustrated and annoyed whenever I've tried to use any yarn that is remotely novelty-like. ;) lol. Love how it worked up into the scarf though!

    - Casey (