Sunday, October 30, 2011

YoP #2

So I completed my Chevron Lace Cardi and shared it in a FO Friday post on here (thus I won't repost it, don't worry) and I made more progress on my snowflakes throw this week. Being that it was snowing outside was the perfect motivation to do another row on it. It goes surprisingly quick since it's join as you go.

I do have a somewhat dilemma though. I'm dying to continue my Betty's Tunisian Tee because I love the pattern so far, love the way the final product looks, however I don't think I'm too keen on the yarn I'm dong it with. I'm using Caron Simply Soft which is fine but being that it's Tunisian, it's a little thicker. I've decided I think I'm going to frog it, use the Simply Soft with some other skeins I have for a blanket or throw and save the Tunisian Tee for some yarn that I find when I go to Maryland Sheep & Wool next May :). Therefore, I'm replacing it on my list with a Saroyan. I have a yarn I'm very much looking forward to making this with. To me, the colors in it just seem like nature-ish colors with the red being a nice contrast as well.

I feel like I'm lacking pictures this week because the peacock shawlette had to be frogged and started over (it's looking lovely this time around so far), and for whatever reason I couldn't find the motivation to do my ONE remaining fingerless mitt. It was just an off week apparently.

Peacock shawlette is about 8 rows in (many to go) and the Snowflake throw is through two rows now (4 more to go!). Ideally the throw should be done in three weeks which will be perfect time for me to start a new project and work on it in the car over Thanksgiving!

I am starting my 3rd square for my Vortex throw this week so that'll be interesting to see how the colors start working up there!


CALs (done by end of 2011):
1. Chevron Lace Cardi (completed 10.23.2011)
2. Betty's Tunisian Tee (frogged and replaced) Saroyan
3. Snowflakes Throw (in progress, 2/6 rows done, 3rd row in progress)
4. Vortex Throw (in progress, 2 squares done, 2 to go)

1. Pinecone Top
2. Lacy Cropped Cardi
3. Custom Tank Version #1
4. Cap Sleeve Top
5. Custom Tank Version #2
6. South Bay Shawlette

1. Clapotis
2. Ballet Camisole
3. Peacock Shawlette (in progress)
4. Sagrantino Shawl
5. Summit Shawl

Now I somehow need someone to tell me to STOP adding things to my list :-P. At least everything listed already has yarn assigned to it that's in my house already (no more needs to be purchased).

Speaking of adding though, I am thinking about a few small things to have nice little FO for the week's update instead of the "Um, I did another row of snowflakes on my blanket?" posts. Have to keep it new and refreshing! So I think for every large project I have up there, I'm going to look into my queue and bookmarks for smaller filler projects to feel more productive (and add to my "when I need a quick gift") stash.

What are your favorite small, quick projects? I've seen plenty on others' YoP lists!


  1. Your projects are all looking good, I especially like the baby vortex, what a cool project! I definitely reckon having a few quick projects is a good idea, my hubby calls it bish, bash, bosh crochet and it's probably more me as I'm not too good at longterm! Great as you say for caught on the hop gifts too.

  2. Oh my but I love your snowflakes--I am secretly hoping for some snow here where I live so I can stay home from work, cosy up and knit all day! I am really in love with your peacock shawl and think your colors are perfect!

  3. Just checked out your chevron cardi - looks fantastic. That's a shame about your tunisian tee but I agree with you .. if the yarn isn't working and you don't love it, then its probably best to frog it. Those colours in your snowflake throw are gorgeous.

  4. I can't believe how many snowflakes you've done! It looks awesome.