Saturday, October 8, 2011

Project set-up time!

So my lack of a blog post the past few days has been due to our crazy busy fall activities that all seemed to bunch into one weekend this year! Friday was our yearly trip to the apple orchard to pick some fresh fruit then to the pumpkin patch to clip a few pumpkins right from the vines! It was the little one's first trip to the orchard/pumpkin patch and although she won't remember it since she's two months old, we had a great time and we've got pictures to prove it!

Now that I've had time to spew off the off-topic items, onto how much crocheting/knitting I actually did get done the past few days. I'll start by saying it was certainly a lot more than I thought I'd get done in 2 days!

As promised, here's my leaves that I knit using the Knook. There are two done and who knows how many to go for the table runner. They knit up insanely quick once you get into the flow of the pattern. I can't wait to felt them all in the end and see how they turn out!

While that size Knook is being taken up by that pattern, one of my other Knooks is currently holding my Open Lines scarf designed by Lisa Gentry whose Ravelry group I'm a part of. She also designed the previously mentioned Vortex design I'm working on. Both these projects are current CALs in the group and it's a blast chatting with those ladies everyday! Here's a peek at the open lines scarf in the works:

Also started up the first few rows of my Tunisian Tee for CrochetMe's CAL that starts this week. No picture yet on that because well...3 long rows of Tunisian crochet in mint green isn't that exciting just yet. I'll give it a week or so to get further for pictures.

Red Heart's CAL for the Dusty Snowflake Throw starts up this week as well and I whipped up a motif tonight for a good start. I have to say, I LOVE the look of this throw but I was definitely not looking forward to weaving in a million ends as usually happens with bigger projects.

Here's a quick peek at my first motif completed, ends all woven in as I went since that was my newest crochet skill I learned. I'll have to share the link for that video when I find it again. Have to say I felt like an idiot when I realized you could conceal these as you went so you weren't doing the boring work of weaving them in at the end of the project!

I always have to start these projects on the weekend when the hubby is around so he can watch the little one while I get over the dreaded "trying to figure out a new pattern and START the project." Plus, it gives me time to see which ones are easiest to work on during the week when it's me and the kiddo.

I also have to finish project "a" of a baby gift and complete project "b" of the same baby gift by next weekend (that's the goal at least) so I'm not sure how much progress will be made on these projects until I get the baby gift finished up but we'll see!

I'm also in two other groups currently picking their next garment CAL which may get me in trouble if I decide to take one of those on as well :-P. Anyone know of any other interesting "alongs" going on? I love checking them out!


  1. Oh wow... You're using the Knook. Is it awesome? Kinda want to try it. Happy Sunday. :)

  2. And yes... Granny everything is AWESOME! Trying the granny ripple is on my list.